Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

Endoscopy is a significant advancement in diagnosing variety of disorders of the gastrointestinal system The direct observation and visualization of the internal structure by passing a narrow tube in the lumen of our intestine can give us immense information.

Routinely following endoscopic procedures are performed:

Gastroscopy- Examination of the Esophagus, stomach and Duodenum

Also the careful examination of the throat and its structures can also be done Gastroscopy is routinely done for following symptoms: Upper abdominal pain, Acidity not responding to medications, difficulty in swallowing, black colored stools, bleeding in vomiting.The procedure is simple and not very time consuming, usually done on a day care basis without patient getting admitted. The patient need to come on empty stomach and can proceed to one’s work after the procedure

Colonoscopy- Examination of the large intestine

This procedure is done in patients with complaints related to lower side of the abdomen like lower abdominal pain, chronic constipation not responding to medications, recent change in the stool pattern, blood in stools , diarrhea lasting for more than a month etc. The procedure can be done on day care basis. The patient need to consume a liquid medication before the procedure so that the intestines are clean and visualization becomes possible.