Piles-Hemorrhoids: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

Piles-Hemorrhoids: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

Most of the people are busy in their lives today. Piles is the most common problem that people witness these days. Piles are the inflamed and swollen mess of tissues inside the anal area. These are other forms of hemorrhoids that have living tissue, blood vessels, elastic fibers, and muscles. Hemorrhoids do not create any difficulty until they are swollen.

 Piles can be of two types:

  •     External piles:

    Those hemorrhoids begin to appear under the skin and around the anus. It starts outside the anal canal or at the mouth of the anal canal.

  •       Internal piles:

    These are existing inside the rectum and occurs inside the anal canal and rectum.


Piles-Hemorrhoids: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment, Gastroenterologists in Pune: Nachiket Dubale

Symptoms of piles:

  • A thick, painful lump is recognized around the anus.
  • Redness, swelling, inflammation, and soreness around the anus.
  • A bold piece outside of the anus.
  • Pain appears before and after you pass stools.

Causes of piles:

  • Aging is one of the reasons besides piles as tissue gets to expand and weaken.
  • Indigestion and constipation can be the reason of piles.
  • Stress and constant sitting at one place for a longer duration results in piles.
  • Irregular eating and less quantity of fiber food can result in piles problem.

Diagnosis of piles:

The doctor may do a digital rectal test which covers proctoscope that is a hollow tube which is fitted with a light. This helps in examining the inside of the anal canal. Colonoscopy may also be prescribed.

Treatment of piles:

Primary treatment is with the help of medicine, and lifestyle modifications. Some lifestyle modifications would be defeating some body weight and eating lots of fibers. Medicinal options are possible for making signs easy for an individual such as the use of OTC medicines, Corticosteroids, and Laxatives. Some people would need an operational method for extracting piles.

  •       Banding: A flexible band is kept around the base of piles so that the blood supply is cut off. After some time, hemorrhoid falls. This is for less than grade IV piles.
  •       Infrared coagulation: This tool helps in burning hemorrhoid tissue. This method goes well for grade II and grades III hemorrhoids.
  •       Sclerotherapy: In this medicine is injected so as to reduce hemorrhoid and is meant for grade II and grade III.
  •       Hemorrhoid stapling: This method is less painful as the blood supply is blocked towards hemorrhoid.
  •       Hemorrhoidectomy: In this, the excess of tissue that is occurring in bleeding should be removed by surgery. This surgical method is intended for removing out of piles completely.

It is obvious that a toxic lifestyle is causing piles problem. So, the treatment at the right time is necessary or if kept untreated can result in a critical difficulty. We need to make people aware of the piles’ problem and its painless procedures that are possible here.

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